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Sean O’Keefe Communications and Strategy provides marketing and public relations services to the highly-specialized design, construction, and commercial building products industry. Based in Denver, Colorado, Sean helps clients around the country assess their position in the competitive landscape and chart a course for sustained success.  

Architects, engineers, contractors, interior designers, developers, and product manufacturers all benefit from clear messaging through strong writing. If you want your vision and success to stand out in today’s ultra-competitive business pursuit climate, Sean O’Keefe Communications and Strategy welcomes the chance to help you understand how broad your reach can be.

  • Joe Poli

    Humphries Poli

    “Marketing is a measurable win-lose proposition. It takes a careful eye and pen to show clients that our team is qualified to bring their program to reality. Sean is a master at clear-headed analysis, professional, energetic and resourceful; all key attributes to a firm whose mission is to expand their capture in a very competitive marketplace.”

  • Terry Grimble


    “Sean’s experience and knowledge in the construction industry directly improved our ability to communicate with building and design professionals. We view our relationship with Sean as a partnership – and as an integral part of our marketing efforts.”

  • William Logan

    Modern In Denver

    “Sean has a unique ability to be both technical and lyrical in the same story, seamlessly blending his experience of architecture and building with his ability to find the heart and soul of the subject to craft stories that both entertain and inform our readers.”

  • Mary Burk

    ACH Foam

    “Sean’s experience in the A/E/C industry was an asset for writing and pitching technical articles. As the successes mounted and Sean decided to start his own business, we happily joined him in his new venture. The high quality articles and the breadth of opportunities to influence our target audience has immensely helped ACH Foam Technologies to continue to remain the lead supplier and educational resource in the US expanded polystyrene market.”

  • Dave Clark


    “Sean redesigned our marketing collateral, established a new format for our approach to proposal response and structured an information system for marketing that is largely still in place and useful to the company many years later. I consider Sean to be among the best marketing professionals with which I have worked.”

  • Kathleen Born

    Arrowstreet Architects

    “Sean spearheaded a process for designing and producing client presentations that has greatly enhanced not only the appearance of these materials but the flexibility with which we can produce them. Undoubtedly, Sean will make a positive contribution to every firm that hires him.”

  • Michelle Meunier

    “ Crossing paths with Sean O’Keefe was one of the luckiest things to happen to me in business. On my very limited budget, Sean helped me reformat my website, target my advertising, and refine my marketing. I trust his opinion and I value his work.”

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Atlas Molded Products
Expanded Polystyrene Building Materials and Packaging
EPS insulation and geofoam manufacturer, ACH Foam Technologies leads the way in advanced EPS building materials for commercial construction, civil infrastructure, and residential projects across the United States. Brand-positive project case studies are developed into informative articles that are published nationally.

The published articles are shared via the company webpage and social media channels and finally redistributed by blast release to ensure truly comprehensive saturation.

Key Assignments Include:
Article Development and Publication
Product Profiles
Blast Releases
Client Reference Letters

Recently Published Articles:

Snowbird Mountain Resort
Commercial Architecture

Old School, Calacci Construction
Construction Magazine Network

Enterprise Precast – Value Beyond Building
Concrete Products

Kansas State Memorial Stadium Renovation
Constructor Magazine

Stephen Kessler Aquatic Shapes
Product Design and Development Magazine

“Sean continues to be a fantastic part of the Atlas Molded Products team. His industry expertise, marketing insight, and broad influence in print and digital publishing have been instrumental in ensuring our awareness and PR efforts make an impact with the right customers at the right time. “

Steve Silva, Corporate Marketing Manager
Atlas Molded Products


Stamped and Decorative Concrete
Bomanite is the world-wide originator of the decorative concrete industry and distributes their products and services through a network of Licensees nationwide. Marketing and Public Relations began with a strategic brand analysis along with developing tailored firm profiles for more than 25 independent Bomanite Licensees.

Working with a wide range of design and construction industry publications, case study articles are being published nationally to reinforce brand awareness and broaden market reach.

Key Assignments Include:
Brand / Market Analysis and Strategic Planning
Licensee Firm Profiles
Article Development and Publication

Recently Published Articles:

Making A Spalsh
Tulsa Lifestyle

Improving Onsite Detention
Water World

Grasscrete Solution
For Construction Pros

A Sense of Place
Concrete Contractor

“Our involvement with Sean came as a result of a referral from one of the most highly-regarded contractors in the decorative concrete industry. Sean’s experience and knowledge in the construction industry directly improved our ability to communicate with building and design professionals. The work the Sean has done for us has been of high quality. Numerous articles have led to opportunities for our customer base. We view our relationship with Sean as a partnership – and as an integral part of our marketing efforts.”

Terry Grimble, Director of Technical Services
The Bomanite Company


Colorado Hardscapes
Architectural & Specialty Concrete Contractor
The Front Range’s premier decorative concrete contractor, Colorado Hardscapes has been leading product innovation, durability, and beauty nationally since the industry’s inception nearly 50 years ago. Operating as an extension of staff, writing, marketing, and public relations services are integrated into monthly workflows to routine benefit.

Key Assignments Include:

Website and Blog Copywriting

Placemaking Round Table, Colorado Construction & Design Magazine

2019 Association of General Contractors Award Submissions

Press Releases

“Sean has been a wonderful partner and has taken our copywriting to the next level. His experience in the construction industry and marketing both help him bring added value to our marketing vision.”

Cally Olson, Marketing Director
Colorado Hardscapes


Modern In Denver
Regional Publication
Feature articles profiling Colorado’s coolest architectural innovations, practices, and personalities with a thoughtful appreciation for the craft and consequence in the choices made.

Recently Published Articles:

Poets of Place
MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

Uncommon Geometry
Triangle Building

A View Askew
The Source Hotel

Beautiful Business

Intrinsic Rewards

Vested Interest
Collegiate Peaks Bank

“Sean has contributed to Modern In Denver for over three years and his experience and talent have proven to be an ideal match for the subjects we cover. He has a unique ability to be both technical and lyrical in the same story, seamlessly blending his experience of architecture and building with his ability to find the heart and soul of the subject to craft stories that both entertain and inform our readers.  Sean is fun to work with and one of the most professional writers (he never misses a deadline) to have ever contributed to Modern In Denver. It is easy to say that he has elevated the quality of our publication.”

William Logan, Publisher
Modern In Denver

technical writer construction and design

Construction, Engineering, and Mining
Kiewit is one of the largest builders of transportation, water/wastewater, and power infrastructure anywhere in the world. Competing on megaprojects requires precisely crafted technical narratives and acutely developed proposal graphics to convey a strong value proposition and detailed understanding of the technical challenges and opportunities of each pursuit.

Key Assignments Include:

San Antonio Water System Design-Build Contract

Sabine River Authority Pumps Station and Pipeline

Trinity River Plant Rehabilitation Project

“Sean has provided technical writing and consulting skills on complex construction pursuits from the qualification & proposal stages all the way through to interview preparation. He works effectively with many different personalities and egos on teams that include both internal and external members. He is able to wade through and pull together the many technical parts and pieces of complex projects to create clear written narratives that are understood by differing audiences.

I highly recommend Sean O’Keefe and look forward to continuing to work with him on future projects.”

Margo Waisanen, Former Business Development Manager


Regional Publication
As the author of Colorado Construction & Design’s Round Up, I gather project updates on the future of design and construction across the Centennial State, one market segment at a time.

Recently Published Articles:

More Than A Garden
Denver Botanic Gardens

First Impression
Platte Fifteen

The Elusive Edge
Park 17

Close to Heart
Global Down Syndrome HQ


“Sean has been a rock-solid contributor to Colorado Construction & Design for a number of years, writing our “Round Ups” of construction industry projects. His experience with construction and design firms gives him an added advantage when communicating the industry’s complexities. He is personable and introspective with a professional approach to communication and marketing.”

Mike Branigan, President & Publisher
Colorado Construction & Design

marketing and public relations design services

Architecture, Planning, and Design
This growing architecture practice is establishing a brand profile in Colorado’s crowded design industry and took advantage of strategic thinking and hands-on marketing expertise. Marketing and Public Relations services included brand analysis and guidance; developing proposals and marketing collateral; publishing subject matter expert articles.

D2C improved their potential to reach a larger audience with a more focused message through a comprehensive rewrite of their firm narratives used in all RPF submissions.

Key Assignments Include:
Brand / Market Analysis and Strategic Planning
Master Text Redevelopment
Website Narratives
Marketing Collateral
Proposal Development Support
Subject Matter Expert Article Publication

Published Articles:
Building 909 – Adaptive Reuse
The Military Engineer

“Sean helped us revamp our marketing image, brand and approach.  Through his creative efforts and focused delivery, we were able to open new doors and strengthen existing relationships.  Sean without question can help you position your firm for success.”

Eric Combs, Principal
D2C Architects


Construction Industry Photographer
Construction photographer, Michelle Meunier invested in a website rehabilitation project and began a brand building process that continues to reap rewards. Key messaging, strategic e-messaging to targeted client groups and increased industry connections are helping this young business thrive.

Key Assignments Include:
Strategic Planning
Website Development
Brand Messaging

Live Web Presence:

Great work, but I’ve never heard of you…” was a comment I received a lot during my first years as an architectural photographer in Denver. 

I needed to polish my brand and get my name out.  Crossing paths with Sean O’Keefe was one of the luckiest things to happen to me in business.  On my very limited budget, Sean helped me reformat my website, target my advertising, and refine my marketing.  I trust his opinion and I value his work.  I am very thankful to have Sean O’Keefe working with my business as I now receive calls for estimates based on word of mouth and “I’ve heard great things about you…”  Such a turn around and I know it is due in part to Sean O’Keefe Communications and Strategy.”

Michelle Meunier
Michelle Meunier Photography

writer covering architecture and construction

Regional Publication
As a Features Writer for Building Dialogue, I explore the finer points of design and construction on every assignment with a simple philosophy – people make projects. Following the pride and passion of the professionals involved always leads the way for the stories I write for Building Dialogue.

Recently Published Articles:

50 Fifty Sets Sail
50 Fifty

Building Big
Gaylord Rockies Hotel and Convention Center

Country Club Towers

Quietly Confident

Heart and Soul
Dairy Block

Built for Speed


“Sean has a keen understanding of the Front Range construction market. His elevated understanding takes readers behind the scenes while uncovering the most interesting details. His public relations and marketing experience lays the foundation for his ability to tell a great design and construction story. “

Kris Oppermann Stern, Publisher & Editor
Building Dialogue


BOOTS Construction
General Contractor
BOOTS Construction thrived on a word-of-mouth approach to marketing for more than a decade before competitive pressure compelled them to step up their game. Brand identity and messaging were explored and marketing efforts realigned to reflect the business’ well-earned reputation for premium quality, absolute transparency, and personal commitment in everything thing they do.

Key Assignments Include:
Strategic Planning
Marketing Collateral
SOQ and RFP Development
Website Strategy and Content
Presentation Training
Advertising and Social Media

Live Web Presence:

marketing and public relations product manufacturing

Expanded Polystyrene Packaging
EPS grape box manufacturer, Styrotek is a 40+ year-old business with a 50% share in a closed market. The company needed a refreshed marketing presence and targeted communications pieces to gain a voice in the EPS’ industry’s vital sustainability movement.

Comprehensive Marketing and Public Relations services include developing firm narratives, website copy and collateral pieces along with securing feature article firm coverage in a variety of industry publications. Ongoing social media support and strategic guidance enhance this client’s multi-channel approach.

Key Assignments Include:
Strategic Planning
Marketing Collateral
Copy Writing
Social Media

Published Articles:
40% Production Boost From Reliability
Maintenance Technology

Sustainability Isn’t Simple for No. 6
Food Safety Magazine

marketing and public relations interior design

Interior Design
Renowned interior design firm, KTI competes nationally for high-profile commissions. Comprehensive marketing and public relations services included strategic account management and developing all brand narratives for awards submissions, website, press releases and subject matter expert articles.

KTI’s exceptional, vibrant work is well-suited to editorial exposure and contends strongly for industry recognition.

Award Winning Narratives:
2016 ASID Crystal Award – Best Temporary Installation
2016 ASID Crystal Award – Best Outdoor Living
2016 MAME Award – Best Outdoor Space
2016 MAME Award – Best Interior Merchandising, 3601+
2016 MAME Award – Best Design Series of the Year
2016 MAME Award – Best Detached Home of the Year

Published Articles:
Amenity No. 1 – Your Clubhouse
Golf, Inc. Magazine

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Modern In Denver
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Rocky Mountain Contractor
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Civil + Structural Engineer
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Colorado Construction & Design
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Concrete Contractor
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Concrete Contractor

Roofing Contractor
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Roofing Contractor

Recreation Management
Winter 2017

Case Study Construction Articles

Modern In Denver
Winter 2017


Commercial Architecture
Fall 2017


Colorado Construction & Design
Winter 2017


Civil + Structural Engineer
Fall 2017


Building Dialogue
Fall 2017

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Marketing today requires more than it ever has and clients need multi-dimensional approaches to communicating strengths, differentiation, and project success. As a strategic marketing professional with a ground-up foundation in brand development and competitive acquisition, I work with clients to present a polished value proposition and target specialized pursuit opportunities.

With hands on experience in analyzing and managing all aspects of the conversion funnel from contact to contract, clients benefit from my ability to develop and execute acutely-targeted marketing efforts across a diverse range of channels. Regardless of whether your firm competes for work through a formal RFP process, through direct marketing efforts or face-to-face interaction, there are always new and different ways to reach clients and promote your interests.



  • Strategic Planning
  • Professional Writing
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Interview Presentations
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Content Writing
  • Staff Headshots
  • Project Photography

Strategy sets the stage for success!

PR banner

Public Relations

To be effective, you need to ensure that your name is well known and well regarded. A strategic Public Relations plan will allow you to build continual momentum and increase sales opportunities.  Developing a strategy tailored to your objectives will make sure your firm is in mind when RFP’s are issued. Honed over many years of providing marketing and public relations services to leading design and construction firms, my writing articulates the complexities, camaraderie, and delights of building the world’s infrastructure, one project at a time.

Effective public relations provides a counterpoint to simply responding to RFPs that allows firms to communicate project success, innovations, and new expertise and staff resources irrespective of market fluctuations. When it comes to spreading the news and reaching your target audience, I’m well-versed in a multitude of mediums and relentless in the generation of new ideas to promote success.



  • Media Coverage
  • Article Development
  • Press Releases
  • Awards Submissions
  • Social Media / Blogging
  • Trade Show Management
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Staff Headshots
  • Event Photography

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